Sunday October 9th will be the first day of the school Insha’Allah
School time:
10:45- 2:00pm
Please note the address of Burlington Masjid is
1908 S Mebane St
Burlington NC 27215

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5 thoughts on “Sunday School Updates

  • Whitlee Adams

    Hello, my name is Whitlee!
    I don’t have a comment, just a question about your Sunday School program. Just wondering, is it only for children? I have been reading the Qur’an lately and books on Islam. I would like to learn more and I think Sunday school wold help. Just wondering if its only for children because I’m 25 years old. Thanks for your time. Have a great day!

    • James

      Hope you got a positive answer Whitlee , I’ 72 and would like to attend also so I could learn more. I do know to continue to Pray to Allah for understanding , Blessed be us all.

  • Keith Wilson

    Do you offer tours for individuals who are not of Islamic faith but wish to learn more about the faith and it’s practices solely for purposes of understanding the faith and its principles?

    Thank you

  • James

    Hi, I’m James also new to Islam and I hope the answer for Whitlee isYES! Fo I am not a child, 72 now and benefiting in learning how to be BLESSED more and also I understand I need to pray for help in understanding to Allah.

    I’m still Earth bound and Sunday School sounds inviting! Maybe you have a similar situation for us “OLDER” kids so we do not interfere with learning for the children, I could still like to listen and learn if there is nothing else available for those of us who are NEWBEs to Islam, I’ll continue my prayers to Allah, may ALL of us be blessed.

    • Mshaik

      Hello Whilee and James
      I saw this announcement in their Facebook page. Hope this helps. May Allah increase our knowledge of Islam.

      Every Sunday, there will be a
      New Muslim/ Muslimah Class 11:30-12:30.
      Followed by an adult class from 12:30-1:30.